How can AI help me with my finances?

For the last few months, we have been hearing about how AI is bound to change the way we do most things. How can Artificial Intelligence affect how we track our finances and set financial goals?

Published on 2023-07-13

Keeping your finances in order is vital, but it can also be tedious and time-consuming. How can we incorporate AI to automate and simplify tasks like budgeting, tracking expenses, investing, or saving? Some benefits of using AI are saving time and eliminating human error. One of the biggest problems in personal finances is having the discipline of keeping everything up-to-date and not slacking. AI can be practical in this sense. However, the most significant perk of using AI for your finances is that it can process data much quicker and yield personalized recommendations effortlessly.

Although AI can save you time and effort in managing your finances, there is one step you cannot skip: you need to feed AI with your personal information. No matter which AI you choose, it can only yield significant guidance if it has access to accurate and detailed information.

1. Smart budgeting

If you feed the AI tool of your choice with data, it will categorize your spending and show you where your money is going. Most tools also give you suggestions on how to restructure your budget and how to reallocate money according to your needs and goals. In addition, tracking your monthly income, spending habits, set expenses, saving goals, and even aspirational goals in AI-powered tools can help you visualize your financial status and keep focused.

2. Expense tracker

Tracking your expenses is something you might have to do before budgeting. If you have no idea where your money is going, tracking your spending habits is necessary before designing a budget. Nonetheless, keeping a realistic log of your expenses is where most people stumble. Having to input each dollar you spend is unrealistic, but it becomes attainable through expense-tracking apps that automate the process.

3. Savings tracker and motivational tool

Once you have a budget and a firm grip on your expenses, savings is another bulwark in your personal finances. Most people stay motivated to save if they can see the milestones in their saving goals. Using AI to keep track of your money, rethink your monthly goals, and even get the motivation to save up more can increase your funds.

4. Investments that suit you

Investing can be scary and challenging, especially if you are venturing on your own. Paying brokers and investment advisors can be expensive. AI can give you advice based on the information you give. You can play around with different scenarios by changing the criteria, like risk management, to assess what is best for you.

Word of caution:

Always read the fine print. By using these apps, you are allowing access to your personal information. Many users are weary of opening up their finances because they fear security breaches. Choose a reputable tool, and do not skip the "Terms and Conditions".

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