Black Friday: Can You Really Save Extra?

As inflation continues to impact their finances, millions of Americans rely on Black Friday sales to save money.

Published on 2022-11-09

Black Friday is right around the corner —a time when the best deals take place. It’s one of the most prominent commercial events of the year that offers plenty of sales. But does it live up to the hype? And is it possible to save extra?

In this article, we’ll answer the question of whether Black Friday deals are worth it or not and what you can do to make the best of them.

What is Black Friday, Exactly?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. One of the busiest days of the commercial year, Black Friday offers sales and discounts on many products. Although it originated in the US, several worldwide retailers now incorporate the term to market holiday sales.

Pros and Cons of Black Friday

Black Friday can be a valuable opportunity to score a good deal. But is it always the case? Like many other commercial dates, it comes with a few cons.

While Black Friday helps boost the economy, it can also lead to overspending. The sense of urgency associated with deals encourages shoppers to spend more as not to miss them. Moreover, some sales aren’t worth the wait. Due to competition, many retailers offer discounts leading up to Black Friday. So, customers can get lower prices in the weeks preceding.

Tips on How to Save

If you still want to give Black Friday a chance, you should leave no stone unturned to get the best sale. With the help of these tips, you will stay organized and save a few bucks on Black Friday deals.

1. Set a Budget

If you want to make the best of Black Friday and avoid blowing your budget, you first need a plan. If you don’t have a clear idea of how much money you have available, you’re likely to jump on sales that aren’t good. Craft a budget at least a week before Black Friday, and make a shopping list to know exactly how to spend your money.

2. Check Prices Ahead of Time

Another step many shoppers overlook is to check prices before Black Friday starts. Having a general notion of how much things cost will help you stay on budget and allow you to get all the items you need. Moreover, you could land an early bargain and avoid long lines or website crashes on Black Friday.

3. Avoid Impulse Shopping

As Black Friday approaches, shoppers get bombarded by sales and discount signs. So, customers feel tempted to make last-minute purchases. Although including a few extra items in your shipping list might seem harmless, they add up. Be mindful and stick to your plan to avoid impulse purchases that will hurt your budget.

4. Use Discounted Gift Cards

A great way of saving money on Black Friday is using discounted gift cards. You can utilize them to ensure you get the items you want for less. Moreover, gift cards are versatile and available in many areas, so you will get all the things you love.

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