How To Save Extra This Christmas

Heading into Christmas with a budget can help you reduce your financial stress and make the best of the holiday season.

Published on 2022-12-02

It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than two months away. But all the gift-giving can drastically impact your finances. As much as Christmas is about celebrating, it's important to remember to stay on budget. In this article, you'll learn how to enjoy such a merry time for less.

Why It’s Important To Save on Christmas

Christmas is a joyous yet expensive time. With gifts, decorations, meals, and parties, the holiday season can hurt your budget. Americans spend around $997 each year on Christmas items, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Overspending can lead to debt, but shopping smart will help you save money and enjoy the holidays.

How To Save This Christmas

Despite the expensive nature of the holidays, there are many ways to cut costs. All you need to save extra this Christmas is a bit of planning and organizing.

1. Craft a Budget

The first thing you need to do to avoid racking up Christmas debt is to calculate a budget and stick to it. Knowing how much money you have available will give you an outline for your holiday spending. You can then choose how much to set aside for gifts, travel expenses, and more. Remember to track your spending as you go to stay organized!

2. Shop Early

Don't wait for the holiday shopping frenzy to start shopping for Christmas. While you can land good sales on Black Friday, some retailers offer early discounts due to competition. Shopping ahead of time will help you land a bargain and avoid stressful lines or website crashes.

3. Get Thrifty With Decor

Decorations are as much a vital part of Christmas as presents. But shopping for new decor every year can weigh on your wallet. Visiting local thrift shops is a great way of getting into the Christmas spirit while saving money. As the saying goes: one man's trash is another one's treasure!

You can also reuse old decorations or borrow from a loved one. If you're feeling creative, you can even make your Christmas decor!

4. Go In On A Group Gift

If you're low on cash and still want to buy something nice for a loved one, a good alternative is to go in on a group gift. Sharing the cost of a present will relieve you of unnecessary spending and tend to your budget. Plus, you will still get the chance to show you care!

5. Reuse Gift Cards

Saving gift cards that you've earned or bought throughout the year is an excellent way of being practical with your money. Take advantage of said cards to buy presents with a discount. If your budget is too tight, you can also gift them to a loved one who will appreciate them.

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