The Gift of Savings: Creative Ways to Give Discounted Gift Cards for Christmas

'Tis the season to be generous, but also frugal. There is no need for Christmas to defund you or lead you to lose sight of your financial goals.

Published on 2023-12-04

Choosing gift cards for your loved ones is financially sound, incredibly practical, and convenient for the recipient. Listed below are ideas on creative ways to give discounted gift cards for Christmas. We hope you find them useful.

The gift of choice

Choosing a gift card for a present makes more sense than spending hours wandering around a shopping mall or scrolling online for an item that might be tossed in a drawer or the back of the closet. Instead, giving a gift card is less wasteful, and it gives the recipient more freedom and flexibility. At the same time, a gift card is still thoughtful and shows you cared enough to select a card that fits or that helps the recipient save money for something on their wish list. You might not be able to give them the watch of their dreams or pay for the long-awaited holiday abroad, but you can chip in with a gift card.

Snow globes

Buy DIY snow globes and put the gift card inside with personalized decorations. The gift card can be the central piece or part of the background. You can find DIY globes for as little as $1.25.

Photo album

Create a vintage photo album and save one slot to hold the gift card. You can write a short description for each photo and also a message underneath the gift card.

Gingerbread House

Build a gingerbread house with a gift card inside. Or better yet, make the card part of the structure: wrap it in paper and make it into the door, for example. Abandon any hope for a surprise though, since you need to warn the recipient it is not entirely edible!

Cookie cards

Bake a batch of cookies with different shapes. Make one square and decorate the card as if it were a gift card with the code written in icing.

Break the code

Make it fun for the recipient by giving them clues that will help them crack the code for their gift card. Leave silly, fun, or personal clues for each number on the code. For example, ask them the year you two met or the age of their oldest kid.

A DIY ornament

Create a Christmas ornament that can hold the gift card but also work without it as an ornament for the tree.

A gift within a gift

Buy your recipient a wallet, cardholder, or purse and put the gift cards inside. Everyone likes a gift that keeps on giving.

Goodies jar

Hide the card inside a jar filled with candy and all sorts of goodies. Decorate the jar so that it looks festive and personalized.

Put as much thought into how you wrap the gift card as you did when you chose each card for your recipients. Everyone appreciates a nice gesture like taking the time to personalize a gift card and making it fun.

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