Father's Day: What to Expect For This Year's Sale

With 75% of consumers planning to celebrate Father’s Day and spend an average of $196, businesses are looking for ways to bring money their way. Sales and special discounts will flood the marketplace during Father’s Day, which will help consumers stay within budget.

Published on 2023-06-15

Shopping online

Since 40% of consumers have reported their intentions to buy gifts online, we will see a considerable surge in online offers. Buying popular items for Father’s Day online might mean better deals than in-store purchases.

Most online stores feature gift ideas for this special day. This marketing strategy benefits both consumers and businesses. On the one hand, those celebrating Father’s Day will spend less time deciding on a gift and will view the buying experience positively. As for businesses, streamlining the buyers' experience will increase the chances of making a sale.

Plenty of the offers for Father’s Day will appear online through specially designed landing pages or pop-ups on websites that display discount codes, flash sales, or featured sale items.

Experiences over products

According to trends monitored by the National Retail Federation (NRT), consumers want to gift experiences rather than products. Most consumers plan to buy tickets to sporting events, concerts, or subscription boxes.

Experience vouchers are popular this year, and we will see many special offers that include adventure outings, dining and tasting experiences, wellness retreats, and training sessions. There are even vouchers for sports or luxury car driving or high-speed passenger experiences. In a quick search online, you can see some options are marked down from their original prices by almost 40%.

Restaurants and bars can also expect part of the Father’s Day budget coming their way. A sizeable portion of those celebrating plans to take them out for brunch or dinner. Consumers will find food deals and specials this year as well.

Oldies but goodies

Popular gift ideas like self-care products or electronic devices will also have enticing deals. Personal care products are the go-to gift for almost 32% of consumers, according to the NRT. Grooming kits, beard care sets, skin care products, and fragrances are still popular and practical gifts, and many brands will offer these as part of their selection for Father´s Day.

Concerning electronic devices, the most popular gift options are smartwatches, virtual reality headsets, mirrorless cameras, game consoles, and Bluetooth speakers. Some of these products exceed the budget consumers are planning to spend. Although these might be aspirational items, Father’s Day offers might make them more affordable.

Tools and home repair items do not dwindle as a leading choice for Father’s Day. However, only 16% of consumers intend to buy tools, compared to the 32% who prefer gift cards, especially in experience and clothing stores.

Gifting on a budget

Although the majority plan to celebrate and spend money for Father’s Day, the fluctuating economy does pose concerns. The three main strategies consumers plan to implement to celebrate while minding their budget are looking at sales, buying less, and using coupons and discount cards.

Father's Day has experienced several changes in the past few years that reflect evolving cultural and societal trends. There has been a gradual shift in the perception of fatherhood, that has led to a broader recognition and celebration of fatherhood, in its many shapes and forms. That also means the range of products marketed for Father's Day has broadened. While traditional gifts are still popular, the market has expanded. Consequently, advertisements and marketing campaigns for Father's Day have become more diverse as well. Finally, with the rise of e-commerce, there has been a significant shift towards online and mobile shopping for Father's Day in the last few years, and it keeps growing.

For all these reasons, we are to see interesting offers and marketing campaigns this year as businesses adapt to shifting views of traditional roles.

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