Tech That Saves: 10 Must-Have Gadgets to Boost Your Savings Journey!

Gadgets only hit their gadget status when tech strolled, especially when it comes to the "money management world." Financial advisors are still kicking, but now tons of tools are taking over those early chats with your accountant friend or the money-savvy pal in every group. And this article isn't for that rare 0.01% species (subjective estimate alert) but for those diving into the saving, managing, and investing money adventure.

Published on 2024-03-06

Saving Gadgets

The habit of saving, although natural and innate for some, appears like a mysterious quest for others—always yearned for but achieved by only a few each month. But hey, hang in there! There's no need to lose hope because it can be learned and practiced. Below are some apps that can assist on this saving journey.

* Qapital:

This tool makes saving a breeze! It adds a unique twist with savings rules—stash cash every time you indulge in takeout. Picture this: your $4.50 latte gets rounded up, 50 cents seamlessly slides into savings. Plus, you can tailor these roundups with personalized rules. Qapital's straightforward visual approach allows users to attach images to their goals, transforming it into a practical digital vision board for your finances. Monthly subscriptions range from $3 to $12.

* * Red Laser, ShopSavvy and Karma:

These tools streamline your shopping experience! Red Laser and ShopSavvy are for in-store purchases, requiring you to enable your camera through the app, scan a product's barcode, and compare its price with other nearby retailers. Karma is a free browser extension for online shopping. It displays discount codes, compares online prices, and assists in planning your purchases if you're not ready to buy just yet.

Managing Money Gadgets

When tackling the world of personal finance, there's always room for a bit of improvement. But if it seems like that room is the size of a small football field, fret not—gadgets can magically shrink it down to a cozy studio apartment.

* Rocket Money:

It's a fantastic tool if you're just starting to organize your finances. Easy to use and understand, it enables you to manage your platform's subscriptions, gain insights into your expenses, create autopilot savings, handle your credit score, and even negotiate service fees on your behalf. This tool offers both a free and a paid version, with monthly billing going up to $12 and annual billing up to $5.

* Emma:

This app is fantastic for consolidating multiple features in one place. It covers saving, budgeting, payments, investing, and borrowing. You can even manage shared expenses effortlessly. Originally from the UK, it's now available in the US and Canada. Plans range from Free to Ultimate, offering lower FX rates.

Earning Gadgets

The final step on the glowing path of personal finance is putting your money to work for you through investments. At this juncture, paths diverge: some go the DIY route, trusting no one with a single penny, while others prefer a helping hand, even if it comes at a cost. Here's a list of tools for both types. But a friendly heads-up or stating the obvious, going solo requires management time and a tad more analysis.

* Betterment:

If you're ready to take it up a notch, here's your chance! Betterment offers a solution that seamlessly blends easy-to-use, automated investing technology with invaluable advice, empowering you to redefine what "better" means for you. Whether you're into automating investments, venturing into Crypto Investing, exploring Socially Responsible Investing, or securing your future with retirement plans like IRA or 401k, this company is definitely worth a try. Pricing is based on the features you use.

* Acorns:

This tool is well known to be crafted especially for beginners and if you want to invest without the hassle of active management. It automatically invests your spare change, making investing accessible to beginners. With a simple setup, diverse portfolios, and risk ratings from 'Conservative' to 'Aggressive,' it offers an easy entry point for building an investment portfolio. Priced at $3 per month.

No excuse to start joining that 0.01% of the US financial expert population. You've got what you need to become a know-it-all in personal finances. But, be cautious—please note that all these tools may charge commission fees. Be aware and read the fine print.

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