Tis the Season for Savings: Navigating Christmas Sales with Discounted Gift Cards

'Tis the season to be jolly, but it can also be the season to get off budget. How can you navigate a season of expenses with ease?

Published on 2023-12-11

Christmas can entail big spending habits: fancy family meals, new home decorations, gifts, and holiday travels. You can reduce your bills by using discounted gift cards.

Christmas starts in January!

Gift cards, available at a price lower than their face value or original value, can be bought year-round. If you have a clear and organized budget (you should!), you can destine a small amount every month for discount cards that can be helpful later in the year. Say you cave into buying Disney Christmas decorations every year, then make sure you buy the best discount cards from the businesses you love throughout the year. Now, be sure to check the terms & conditions and the expiration dates or restrictions before buying. By buying early and often, you will navigate Christmas like a pro!

Christmas for all tastes

As for gifting discounted gift cards, it can be tricky to find the best fit. If you are unsure about which specific retailers your loved ones prefer, consider purchasing discounted gift cards from big retailers like Target or Walmart. The wider the option, the safer the choice.

Create new Christmas traditions.

Rethink gift-giving and come up with traditions that are budget-friendly and can also be fun. Instead of buying each other gifts, have everyone chip in for a gift card (and why pay full price if you can buy discounted cards?). Have everyone buy gift cards; on Christmas morning, everyone has to guess which card is meant for each family member. You can also have different value cards and play Thieving Secret Santa, where participants can “steal” a previously chosen gift card or open a new one.

Don’t hang the stocking too early.

We’ve already covered why you should buy early and often. However, doing so can lead to overspending if you use the gift cards for other purposes. A simple solution is to simply stow the gift cards you want to use in December right away. Create a separate file on your computer for e-cards you bought for the holidays. At home, keep the cards safe and out of sight.

Let the cards and discounts sing jingles in harmony.

Combining gift cards strategically can be a smart way to maximize their value and get the best deals. Gift cards can be paired with coupons, sales discounts, and credit card reward points. For example, you can use your gift cards in a business and still get the Cash Back coupon to use on your next purchase. This is a great way to extend your holiday budget even further.

Santa must fly on rewards. Why shouldn’t you?

One of the largest portions of your Christmas budget is likely air travel. Many people go home for the holidays, and this can really make expenses skyrocket. Instead of buying a ticket as an afterthought, turn on alarms for discount cards on airlines or booking sites.

Don’t miss out on these effective ways of saving money during the holidays. By using discount gift cards, you can focus on the true essence of this lovely season.

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