14 ideas to make Valentine's Day extra special

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day? We have prepared 14 ideas for you so that your Valentine’s day is extra special!

Published on 2023-02-13

When we think of Valentine's Day, we picture a rom-com version of it. However, as this holiday changes, and we aim to celebrate love in all its varied glory, here are some fun ideas to make it extra special.

1. Try a new activity with your special someone.

Take a cooking class, sign up for a pottery lesson, or learn a new dance at a studio. Pick something as unique as your relationship. An unforgettable experience may inspire you to make it into a hobby you can practice together.

2. Leave hidden notes with love messages.

Think of fourteen reasons why you love your partner, write them down and hide them around the house. Alternatively, if your partner is not shy and enjoys attention, you can record a fun video with those fourteen reasons and post it on social media.

3. Create a gift trail that leads to the big final surprise on the 14th.

You can buy or make simple gifts that lead to the final surprise on Valentine’s Day. Each gift can include a clue that your significant other uses to guess what the final surprise will be. Make those clues hard but fun.

4. Plan a movie night.

This idea works if you enjoy each other's favorite movies. You can make it thematic and dress up for the occasion (i.e. dress according to the period). Alternatively, you can make the food match the movie you are watching: Greek to watch Mamma Mia!, French for Midnight in Paris.

5. Book a staycation.

Treat yourself and your partner to a night at a nice hotel to change scenery. That way you can get cooking, cleaning, and making the bed out of the way and avoid buzz killers.

6. Go camping.

This alternative is only for the adventurous souls out there. Plan a date in your backyard or a camping site near you. Make it memorable by choosing fancy food or setting up romantic lighting.

7. Draw portraits of each other.

Painting a portrait will have you gazing at each other and reflecting upon the traits you love. Plus, the finished product will probably get some laughs (especially if art is not your strong suit).

8. Create a scavenger hunt in your city.

This one requires careful planning. Meet your partner at every site and enjoy time with them before the final destination. Be playful and pick meaningful places for you as a couple.

9. Create fun and romantic coupons for the whole year.

Along with a special gift on Valentine’s Day, create a set of coupons for romantic dates, massages, days off from house duties, etc.

10. Go to an open mic event and use the opportunity to celebrate your love.

This one is definitely not for everyone; it is certainly not suited for introverts. However, it is a great way to celebrate someone who is not afraid of being the center of attention and receiving public praise.

11. Celebrate your love by giving back.

Use your time as a couple to do something nice for someone else. Volunteer in an animal shelter, lend your time to a soup kitchen, or simply visit a family member who is craving company. Doing something meaningful together can strengthen your bond.

12. Go out the day before or after Valentine’s Day

Ok, we know this is not a creative idea to make this day special, but it needs to be said: For those who do not enjoy crowds, limited menus, or waiting too long for service, going out before or after the 14th is worth considering.

13. Celebrate other forms of love in your life.

Go out with friends and celebrate your friendship. Set up a movie night with your best friend. Actually, many of these ideas are not exclusive to romantic relationships and can work perfectly to celebrate with people you love.

14. Stay in and create a special ritual to celebrate you!

If you feel pressured by the expectations generated around this holiday, you can make it your own by celebrating yourself or your singleness. Why should you not take advantage of the hype around this holiday to acknowledge the longest relationship you'll ever have?

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