Video Games, an Industry That Keeps on Growing

With approximately 8 decades in the making, the video game industry is one of the biggest giants out there and is continually growing.

Published on 2022-09-22

12th September is the celebration and recognition of where technology, science, and games meet. Its origin dates back to the 1940s when Dr. Edward Condon unveiled what is considered the first example of a gaming machine at the New York World’s Fair. The game showcased was called Nim and it was based on a mathematical algorithm. Since then, countless amounts of experiments, machines, consoles, and technologies have been developed and led us to the myriad of gaming experiences we know today.

Whether you play on a console, a computer, or a mobile phone, or you prefer single or multi-player games, there are options for everyone. It’s a universal form of entertainment that is only increasing in popularity and is expanding to all ages and genders. Even more, video games are not just focused on recreational use, they have become a professional-like activity making it a source of income and even a sport. This multi-billion-dollar industry that has far surpassed the music and movie industries only goes to show how much prevalence and potential for expansion it has.

Games have evolved significantly since the early days. And with all the advancements in technology that include virtual reality experiences and super high-quality graphics, the way we consume games has also changed. It has adapted to the possibilities that the online, digital world brings. For example, today we don’t need to buy or own a physical game to play it, we can subscribe to platforms or engines that have the games we want. It’s easier and quicker to access since you can play it on-demand, it’s much more cost-effective and even eco-friendly.

Virtual access to games brought other ways to interact with them. Games now offer extra or additional content, rewards, and accessories that let you customize your characters and playing fields. There are many options to personalize your experience and interact with the gaming community. Gift cards and vouchers have played a tremendous role here allowing users to purchase these features instantly. Industry titans like PlayStation and streaming platforms like Steam even have their own in-house gift cards showing how gaming gift cards are beneficial not just for consumers but for developers too.

What other trends are you noticing?

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