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About L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean believes that spending more time outside together is beneficial. They design products that enable longer walks and deeper conversations and eliminate weather concerns to facilitate this.

L.L. Bean is a retail company in the USA that specializes in outdoor and recreational clothing, gear, and accessories. It was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean and is based in Freeport, Maine. L.L. Bean is renowned for its top-notch products, excellent customer service, and accommodating return policy.

How to use L.L. Bean discounts online?

At L.L. Bean, you can find a wide range of discounts, such as military, teacher, and student discounts, as well as discounts for medical professionals. To view all available discounts, simply visit llbean.com.

To take advantage of L.L. Bean discounts, simply click on "Add Promo Code" in your Shopping Bag. Then, enter the code and click "Redeem" to apply the savings to your order. Alternatively, during checkout, you can enter the promo code on the Payment Options screen.

If you receive a promotion offer via email, click the link provided, and the code will automatically be applied to your order.

What to buy at L.L. Bean online?

At L.L. Bean's online store, you can find a wide variety of clothing, outerwear, and footwear for men, women, and kids. Additionally, they offer outdoor equipment and home goods, such as home decor, furniture, bedding, and dog supplies.

Why shop at L.L. Bean?

L.L. Bean is more than just a store for outdoor clothing. It also provides its customers with exceptional experiences and benefits. By visiting llbean.com, customers can access special events and programs, including kids' camps, kayaking, archery, fly casting, and fishing, among others. The brand recommends visiting llbean.com to discover the extensive range of opportunities and outstanding experiences that the brand has to offer.

When is the next L.L. Bean sale?

The website offers items on sale throughout the year with up to 50% discounts. To make the buying process easier, the brand provides transparent information on the prices of all discounted items.

How much is an L.L. Bean membership?

To apply for the L.L. Bean Mastercard online, customers can register a user account on llbean.com. The L.L. Bean Mastercard application will automatically include the name and contact information from the llbean.com account. Please note that the L.L. Bean Mastercard is only available to U.S. residents.

Once approved, customers can enjoy a single discount of 15% on their purchase at llbean.com, provided they pay using the new L.L.Bean Mastercard. The discount is valid only during the first visit to the website.

What is the L.L. Bean return policy?

L.L. Bean offers a generous return policy. If customers are not 100% satisfied with the product, they may return it within one year of the purchase for a refund (special conditions may apply). L.L. Bean will accept returns for defective items caused by materials or craftsmanship up to one year after purchase.

If you want to return or exchange items using UPS or U.S. mail, it will cost $6.50 per package. However, the return or exchange is free if you used an L.L. Bean Mastercard or paid using Bean Bucks. Alternatively, you can return items to our retail stores without additional costs. Please note that you need to provide proof of purchase for all returns and exchanges.

L.L. Bean Loyalty Program

Earn Bean Bucks with the L.L. Bean Mastercard and save on future L.L. Bean purchases. Each Bean Buck equals $1 in savings. You can also earn Bean Bucks by shopping at other stores, such as restaurants and gas stations.

You can use the Bean Bucks earned through L.L.Bean Mastercard member benefits to pay for your orders. You can redeem any amount up to the total value of your order.

Does L.L. Bean price match?

While L.L. Bean has no pricing policy, the return and exchange policy is flexible and generous, enabling customers to obtain the ideal purchase price.