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About Subway

Subway, founded in 1965, is a globally recognized restaurant brand known for its freshly made, convenient, and affordable food. With thousands of locations across over 100 countries, Subway has become one of the largest fast-food chains worldwide.

At Subway, you can customize your sandwiches by choosing from a wide range of ingredients, allowing you to create the perfect sandwich. Additionally, Subway's menu includes options such as salads, no-bread bowls, wraps, snacks, breakfast items, and desserts to cater to different preferences.

How to use Subway discounts online?

In the "Deal & Orders" section, Subway offers various promotions and discount codes for purchases. It's important to note that each benefit comes with its own terms and conditions. Since each Subway restaurant is independently owned by franchisees, the decision to participate in specific promotions is at their discretion. As a result, it's advisable to read and understand the terms before taking advantage of any benefit.

Regarding the discounts provided through the Subway MyWay® Rewards program, you can apply your rewards before finalizing your order. You can use up to 25 Rewards, each valued at $2, after a discount is applied but before sales tax.

What to buy at Subway online?

Subway's online ordering platform allows you to conveniently purchase all the products the brand offers. Subway delivers freshly made food right to your doorstep.

Subway also provides catering services for various occasions, such as parties, picnics, sporting events, business functions, and showers.

Why shop at Subway?

At Subway, customers can enjoy the convenience and speed of customizing their sandwiches to their liking.

Whether dining in or ordering from home, Subway offers a casual and clean atmosphere, guaranteeing an excellent experience for customers. Additionally, customers can explore Subway's Catering menu for larger gatherings or events for a broader range of options.

When is the next Subway sale?

Subway does not have a specific sale date as they consistently offer various discounts and promotions. Since each restaurant owner has the freedom to set their own rules, it is recommended to regularly check the Subway website or subscribe to their email list for updates on upcoming sales and promotions. Following Subway's social media accounts is also a great way to stay informed about the latest news and deals.

How much is a Subway membership?

Subway MyWay® Rewards membership is free of charge. It is open to legal residents of the United States who are 18 years old or older. Please note that membership is intended for personal and individual use only.

What is the Subway return policy?

Since each Subway restaurant operates independently, there is no universal return policy that applies to the entire brand. It is important to review the terms and conditions of the specific restaurant you are ordering from before finalizing your order.

Subway Loyalty Program

Subway MyWay® Rewards members can earn Tokens on eligible items purchased at participating Subway restaurants, whether it's in-store, through the Subway website, or using the Subway App. Customers are awarded 4 Tokens for every dollar spent, which are automatically added to their accounts within 24 hours. Please note that not all items offered by Subway are eligible for earning Tokens.

Once customers accumulate 200 Tokens, they will receive a $2 Reward, which can be used as a discount coupon for future purchases.

Does Subway price match?

Please note that Subway does not have a price-matching policy. Since Subway restaurants are independently owned and operated by franchisees, they can set their own prices and determine their own promotions and discounts.